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AMP900 mouse pad

  • Gigabyte
  • AMP900 mouse pad
  • Black
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AMP900 mouse pad

The AMP900 mouse pad is more than just a basic mouse pad. It is easy to use and the sleek, full-size design delivers all-day wear and features a high-density rubber base.

AMP900 mouse pad

Features of AMP900 mouse pad

  • Features
  • Small pattern ensures accurate tracking
  • Office size for maximum accommodation
  • Leak proof
  • High density rubber base

Upgrade your setup of AMP900 mouse pad

Never get frustrated with the interference between mouse pad and keyboard. The desktop-sized AMP900 mouse pad sets up a massive gaming/working surface to accommodate all your peripherals and desktop elements in perfect harmony, along with a modern and minimalist look.

Smooth and accurate tracking of the AMP900 mouse pad

The micro-fabric surface ensures precise mouse tracking with smooth gliding anywhere on the board, while maintaining consistent accuracy even at extreme dpi settings.

Extended durability with AMP900 mouse pad

Spilled liquid can be easily wiped up thanks to the pad’s spill-resistant surface.

Improved 3mm non-slip rubber base

The high-density foam rubber base provides a firm, firm grip for uninterrupted gameplay, so the board won’t slip during intense gaming movements.

AMP900 mouse pad

Specifications of AMP900 mouse pad

  • Surface
  • Materials
    Nature Rubber
  • Spill-resistant
  • Color
  • Dimension
    (L)900*(W)360*(H)3 mm

AMP900 mouse pad price in Egypt

The AMP900 mouse pad ranges globally in the range of $200 or its equivalent in local currency

The price of the AMP900 mouse pad in Egypt is currently in the medium economic category, which is suitable for most students, employees and companies

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  • Product details
  • brand Gigabyte
    Model AMP900 mouse pad
    the color Black
    delivery Cable
    Status NEW
    Weight 1 kg


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