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  • Gigabyte
  • FI27Q
  • 27 inchs
  • ELED / IPS
  • 2‎560 x 1440 ‏(QHD)‏
  • 1‎ms ‏(MPRT)‏
  • 165HZ


AORUS FI27Q Equipped with Full HD technology, this monitor gives more enjoyment of games, movies and picture quality.


AORUS 27 FI27Q Monitor Features

  • AORUS FI27Q Gaming Monitor
  • QHD 165HZ Refresh Rate
  • Supports ADAPTIVE-SYNC (FREESYNC PREMIUM) technology
  • The AORUS FI27Q Monitor features a 27 inch display
  • Supports QHD technology and resolution (2560 x 1440)
  • And the aspect ratio is 16:9
  • Refresh rate 165hz
  • Compared to Full HD, this screen gives more enjoyment to games and movies, as it doubles the picture quality in terms of detail and display.

1ms response time

No screen flickering, screen tearing and tearing The AORUS FI27Q monitor is one of the fastest responsive monitors on the market. And by increasing the speed of the liquid crystal movement, the response time can be reduced to 1ms to enjoy smoother gaming without that annoying screen tearing and tearing. This feature is particularly useful with tactics games that depend on the speed, accuracy and clarity of every movement the player makes.

Contrast Ratio 1,000:1

The AORUS FI27Q display contains the latest 10bits (8 bits+FRC) display technology that gives you a wider field of view angles up to 178/178. The ability of the AORUS FI27Q to display images in a smooth way during fierce competition will make it difficult for your competitors to win and be the biggest share From victory to you, for the purity, clarity and purity of the image and the absence of shadows in it

Color Splendor 95% DCI-P3

True colors that fascinate you The higher the color gamut of the screen the wider the color gamut of the displays. DCI-P3 is a popular RGB color technology used by American digital film production companies. Compared to sRGB technology, DCI-P3 covers more red and green, which makes it more powerful, accurate, and clear, allowing spectators to enjoy more realistic colors. And with HDR technology, the AORUS FI27Q gaming monitor will provide the user with sharper, more beautiful and dazzling levels of color splendor.

HDR Technology Vibrant Colors

بCompared to conventional Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) monitors, High Dynamic Range (HDR) monitors are able to provide higher contrast, clarity and color accuracy so that the user can enjoy more realistic colors. As a result, HDR technology continues to spread among various applications and uses such as games, movies and multimedia. The goal is for the human eye to see the image as if it were real.

G-SYNC Compatible More gaming enjoyment

Live the gaming experience with the latest NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatible monitors. Each monitor is validated by NVIDIA to bring you a smooth gaming experience and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) that minimizes ghosting, stuttering, screen tearing, ghosting, glare and flicker at refresh rates of up to 165Hz. So you get the competitive advantage you need, backed by performance you can trust.

Built-in digital LED lighting

A gaming environment of your own with RGB FUSION 2.0 The AORUS FI27Q gaming monitor contains the most powerful, advanced and clear LED lighting systems on the market. And with the RGB Fusion application that provides you with easy-to-use interfaces to customize lighting effects, you will be able to create a gaming environment of your own creativity. With the ability to customize the lighting of each part of the product individually, LED lighting enthusiasts will now be able to show their creativity.

The design of the distinctive falcon wings

The falcon uses the power of its wings to fly in the sky and pounce on its prey. AORUS was inspired by the falcon’s wing ability to control the air and exploit it to create a design that contains multiple layers characterized by the features and characteristics of the falcon’s wing, its speed, and its ability to soar and fly in the sky. With its elegant metallic body armor, AORUS expresses the latest in futuristic technology.

Aim fixator

AORUS Aiming Stabilizer reduces visual noise to allow you to maintain a high degree of visibility during the game for more enjoyment of your favorite games. For example: in shooting games, when you shoot, it will produce a strong reaction that shakes the screen and blurs the image. And here comes the role of the aiming stabilizer, which prevents blurring of the image and improves the clarity of vision so that it allows you to track the path of bullets and missiles, as well as aiming at the target more easily.

Control panel and information display

The AORUS Control Panel displays information about the status of your computer components directly on the screen during the game, such as processor voltage, speed, temperatures, usage, fan speed, and many other AORUS-exclusive features and functions such as Game Assistant. Whatever game you are playing, it will not hide this information from you and prevent it from appearing and clear on the screen, but you can customize the information you want to see in front of you on the game screen.

Equalization of black color and clarity of vision

Discover your enemies who are not visible in the dark.
The black equalization feature can control the shadow in the image and improve the degree of contrast in order to increase visibility in dark places, without exposing already bright places to more additional light. The black equalization feature will clarify the details inside the dark screen without affecting other places.

Gain gaming skills with Game Assistant

يThe Game Assistant allows you to design various crosshairs of your own creativity, and also offers you a helping hand on the battlefield. There is also a game timer that appears on the screen to show you the elapsed time of the game, and a game counter that counts the number of times the enemy uses their weapons or any other count you want. In addition to the screen alignment feature, which allows you to have many alignment marks on the screen, which makes using many screens easier and installing them more accurately.

Unique design for AORUS sound clarity and ANC technology

The intelligent technology of capturing the voice of conversations with 2 microphones works to remove ambient noise and sounds spread around you with the least possible degree of audio distortion and distortion, thus allowing your team members to hear your voice with complete clarity. Your voice is not only processed by traditional Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA), but also by advanced Acoustic Physics & Psychoacoustics using a DSP chip. You will enjoy the best communication with your team members and the highest degree of privacy, no matter the nature of the place you are in.

Various display systems at the same time with PIP and PBP

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) are a feature of the AD27QD gaming monitor from AORUS. PIP and PBP functions allow users to view different video sources displayed in one screen at the same time For audio, users can choose between main source and PIP/PBP source whenever they want.

So, when you play games with the home screen, you can see game guides at the same time using only one screen
4 angles and 3 sizes can be adjusted

Instantly get the best viewing angle and the best ergonomic design

  • The monitor features an exclusive stand that has been specifically designed to provide greater range of motion so that you can adjust the monitor’s height, tilt and swivel angle for more comfort in use.
    Anti-vibration, chipping and tearing of the light so as not to cause eye strain or any other injuries
    Reduce the emission of blue color TUV Rheinland certified
    5V/1.5A Super Speed USB Charger
    No need to use a heavy external electrical adapter thanks to the built-in internal power unit
    AORUS guarantees that the monitor will be free from bright spots within one year from the date of original purchase.

AORUS 27 FI27Q Screen Features

Display interface size (Diameter)
Display interface area (HxV)
596.736 x 335.664 (mm)
Display Backlight/Type
Screen surface (not bright/bright)
not bright
color modifier
95% of DCI-P3
2560 x 1440 (QHD)
pixel pitch
0.2331 (H) x 0.2331 (V) (mm)
Brightness (max.)
350 cd/m2 (TYP)
Contrast Ratio (Max.)
1000 : 1 (TYP)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
viewing angle
Screen colors
response time
1ms (MPRT)
Anti-flickering illumination
Signal input
2 HDMI 2.0 . interface
Display port 1.2 . interface
Headphone Input
USB ports
2 port
Power supply type
Energy consumption
75 W (max.)
Energy saving mode
0.5 watts
Lock mode
0.3 watts
AC 100V~240V
angle of inclination
Rotation angle
Axial movement (angle/direction)
height adjustment (mm)
Wall Mount Bracket (mm)
Kensington anti-theft lock
Dimensions with Stand (WxHxD)
Width 614.9 * Height 484.7 * Depth 236.9 mm
Dimensions without using the stand (WxHxD)
Width 614.9 * Height 371.1 * Depth 60 mm
Box dimensions (width x height x depth)
Width 720 * Height 565 * Depth 279 mm
Net Weight (Approx.)
8.0 kg
Gross Weight (Approx.)
9.7 kg
Power cable / HDMI cable / DP cable / USB cable / Quick start guide

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  • Product details
  • plate type ELED / IPS
    Precision 2‎560 x 1440 ‏(QHD)‏
    response rate 1‎ms ‏(MPRT)‏
    Refresh rate 165HZ
    screen design flat
    Contrast ratio 1‎000 : 1 ‏(TYP)‏


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