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Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD

  • Philips
  • 27M1N3200Z
  • 27 inch / 68.5 cm
  • IPS technology
  • 1920 x 1080
  • 4 ms (Gray to Gray)
  • 165Hz
  • FLAT

Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD

The Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD Gaming Monitor from Philips is an all-in-one display ideal for intense PC gaming. Sync technology, fast 165Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time provide a smooth gaming experience. It has a visually immersive, ultra-wide color narrow bezel display.

Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD

Screen features Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD

Take your gaming to the next level
Evnia gaming screen
Full HD gaming monitor 27M1N3200Z / 69
Take your gaming to the next level

Take gaming to the next level
Eunia 3000
27″ (68.5 cm)
1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

AMD FreeSync™ Premium; Tear-free, stutter-free, smooth gaming
Games should not be a choice between choppy gameplay or broken frames. AMD FreeSync™ Premium provides serious gamers with a smooth, tear-free gaming experience at peak performance. No compromises, play with confidence with high refresh rate, low frame rate compensation, and low latency.

NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatible for fast, smooth gaming
NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatible for fast, smooth gaming
When playing intense games with high refresh rates, screen tearing may appear without optimal graphics synchronization. This Philips monitor is certified NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatible, which reduces screen tearing and synchronizes your monitor’s refresh rate with your graphics card’s output for a smoother gaming experience. Scenes appear instantly, objects look sharper, and gameplay is smooth, giving you a stunning visual experience and a serious competitive edge.

165Hz refresh rates for ultra-smooth, crisp images
165Hz refresh rates for ultra-smooth, crisp images
You play intense and competitive games. You demand to display lag-free, ultra-smooth images. This Philips display redraws the screen image up to 165 times per second, which is effectively faster than a standard display. A low frame rate can cause enemies to appear to jump from one place to another on the screen, making it difficult to hit them. With a frame rate of 165Hz, you can get those missing on-screen visuals that show enemy action in ultra-smooth motion so you can target them with ease. With extremely low input lag and no screen tearing, this Philips monitor is your ideal gaming partner

Fast 1ms response time (MPRT) for clear picture and smooth gaming
MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time) is a more intuitive way to describe response time, which directly refers to the duration from seeing blurry noise to clean, clear images. Philips gaming monitor with 1ms MPRT technology effectively eliminates distortion and motion blur, and delivers accurate, textured images to enhance your gaming experience. Best choice for playing exciting and tremor-sensitive games.

Low input lag reduces the time delay between devices for monitoring
Low input lag reduces the time delay between devices for monitoring
Input lag is the amount of time that elapses between performing an action with connected devices and seeing the result on screen. Low input lag reduces the time delay between inputting a command from your hardware to monitor, and dramatically improves twitch-sensitive video game play, which is especially important for anyone who plays fast-paced competitive games.

SmartImage game mode is optimized for two players

SmartImage game mode is optimized for two players
This new Philips gaming monitor features a quick access OSD tuned specifically for gamers, giving you multiple options. The “FPS” (First Person Shooter) mode enhances the dark themes in games, allowing you to see hidden objects in dark areas. The “Racing” mode adapts to the display with the fastest response time, high colours, along with picture adjustments. The “RTS” (Real Time Strategy) mode has a special SmartFrame mode that enables highlighting of a specific area and allows for size and image adjustments. Gamer 1 and Gamer 2 allow you to save customized personal settings based on different games, ensuring the best performance.

IPS LED wide view technology for image and color accuracy
IPS screens use advanced technology that gives you very wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, making it possible to view the screen from almost any angle. Unlike standard TN panels, IPS displays give you remarkably sharp images with vivid colour, making them ideal not only for photos, movies and web browsing, but also for professional applications that require color accuracy and consistent brightness at all times.

Ultra-wide, ultra-wide color gamut for a vivid picture
Ultra-wide, ultra-wide color gamut for a vivid picture
Ultra Wide-Color technology provides a wider range of colors for a brighter picture. Ultra Wide-Color’s wider “color gamut” produces more natural greens, vivid reds and deeper blues. Bring more vivid and vibrant colors from Ultra Wide-Color technology.

LowBlue mode and easy on the eyes flicker-free viewing
LowBlue mode and easy on the eyes flicker-free viewing
LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free technology were developed to reduce eye strain and fatigue often caused by long hours in front of a screen.

SmartErgoBase enables comfortable adjustments for people
SmartErgoBase is a monitor base that provides comfortable viewing comfort and provides cable management. The base can swivel, tilt and rotate to different angles to ensure maximum comfort. The height-adjustable stand ensures optimal visibility, reducing the physical stress of a long work day, while cable management reduces cable clutter and keeps your workspace tidy and professional.

EasySelect menu toggle key for quick access to the on-screen menu
EasySelect menu toggle key for quick access to the on-screen menu
The discreetly located EasySelect Menu Toggle allows you to make quick and easy adjustments to monitor settings in the OSD menu.

Full HD display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 for crisp, detailed images
Full HD display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 for crisp, detailed images
Image quality matters. Regular monitors deliver the quality, but you’d expect more. This screen features an enhanced Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. With Full HD technology for crisp details paired with high brightness, stunning contrast and realistic colours, you can expect a realistic picture.

SmartContrast for rich black details
SmartContrast is a Philips technology that analyzes the content you’re displaying, automatically adjusting colors and controlling backlight intensity to dynamically optimize contrast for better digital photos and videos or when playing games where darker tones are displayed. When Eco mode is selected, contrast and backlighting are fine-tuned for a display well-suited to everyday office applications and with lower power consumption.

Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD

Monitor specifications Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD

Technical Specifications

LCD panel type
IPS technology
Backlight type
W-LED system
Panel Size
27 inch / 68.5 cm
Display Screen Coating
Anti-Glare, 3H, Haze 25%
Effective viewing area
597.888 (H) x 336.312 (V)
Aspect ratio
Maximum resolution
1920 x 1080 @ 165 Hz*
Pixel Density
81.59 PPI
Response time (typical)
4 ms (Gray to Gray)*
1 ms
Low Input Lag
250 cd/m²
Mega Infinity DCR
Contrast ratio (typical)
Pixel pitch
0.3114 x 0.3114 mm
Viewing angle
178º (H) / 178º (V)
@ C/R > 10
Color gamut (typical)
NTSC 107%*, sRGB 122%*, Adobe RGB 90.4%*
Picture enhancement
SmartImage game
Display colors
16.7 M
Scanning Frequency
HDMI: 30 – 160 kHz (H) / 48 – 165 Hz (V); DP: 30 – 200 kHz (H) / 48 – 165 Hz (V)
LowBlue Mode
AMD FreeSync™ technology

Signal Input
HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1
HDCP 1.4 (HDMI / DP), HDCP 2.2 (HDMI / DP)
Audio (In/Out)
Audio out
Sync Input
Separate Sync


User convenience
Power On/Off
Game Settings/Down
SmartImage game/Back
OSD Languages
Brazil Portuguese
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Other convenience
Kensington lock
VESA mount (100x100mm)
Plug & Play Compatibility
Mac OS X
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

Height adjustment
130 mm
-/+ 90 degree
-/+ 45 degree
-5/20 degree

On mode
28.2 W (typ.)
Standby mode
0.5 W (typ.)
Off mode
0.3 W (typ.)
Power LED indicator
Operation – White
Standby mode- White (blinking)
Power supply
100-240VAC, 50-60Hz

Product with stand(max height)
612 x 543 x 236 mm
Product without stand (mm)
612 x 365 x 55 mm
Packaging in mm (WxHxD)
780 x 521 x 224 mm

Product with stand (kg)
5.30 kg
Product without stand (kg)
3.70 kg
Product with packaging (kg)
9.96 kg
Operating conditions

Temperature range (operation)
0°C to 40 °C
Temperature range (storage)
-20°C to 60 °C
Relative humidity
20%-80 %
Operation: +12,000ft (3,658m), Non-operation: +40,000ft (12,192m)
50,000 (Excluded backlight) hour(s)

Environmental and energy
Recyclable packaging material
100 %
Specific Substances
Mercury free
PVC / BFR free housing
Compliance and standards

Regulatory Approvals
CE Mark
FCC Class B


Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD monitor price in Egypt

The Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD screen ranges globally within $200 or its equivalent in local currency.

The price of the Philips 27M1N3200Z IPS 165Hz FHD monitor in Egypt is currently in the medium economic category, which is suitable for most students, employees and companies.

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  • Product details
  • plate type IPS technology
    Precision 1920 x 1080
    response rate 4 ms (Gray to Gray)
    Refresh rate 165Hz
    screen curvature FLAT
    screen design flat
    screen space 27 inch / 68.5 cm
    Image dimensions 16:9
    backlight W-LED system
    Color support 16.7 M
    view angles 178º (H) / 178º (V) @ C/R > 10
    Contrast ratio 1100:1
    • Audio In
    • D-Sub
    • Display Port

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