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About Us


ABC Shop for Electronic Devices, specialized in selling computers, laptops, Gaming Monitor, and More.

The head office of the company is in Cairo, Nasr City.

All our products are available in our online store, with shipping available to all governorates of the Republic.


Why choose to deal with us?

We offer you a free consultation to determine the right product for you

If you want to know the capabilities and specifications of the device you need? With our customer service, you will find a specialized team to give you full assistance and offer you the various alternatives and offers that are suitable for you.

Professional technical support supports all customers for life

We excel in abcshop that we provide the latest operating systems, definitions, as well as the appropriate data for each customer, with a real guarantee from the agent. We also provide support to all customers in the after-sales service by communicating with customers through many different means of communication.

A dedicated online store with all prices and offers

We are always keen to write an accurate description of all the products displayed on our store .. with an adequate display of all specifications, features, product condition and price .. which gives the customer a distinctive online shopping experience.

Exclusive gifts for all our customers on a regular basis

Our relationship with the customer does not end when the purchase is completed.. We are always keen to provide many valuable gifts and discount coupons through the cashback points that we provide in continuous offers throughout the year.


We are always looking for the latest and best products from various international agencies and providing them at the best prices in Egypt.

Our vision

We seek to provide an online store that helps customers easily access the product they need by providing the best user experience.

Planning and development

We carefully study our customers' needs of different electronic devices and provide the latest products to suit all needs.

easy connection

Providing many open communication channels between our team and customers that suit all users.